Hand in Hand Community School Kasambya

Uganda is the youngest country in the world with an average age of 15 years. So to become an important Country with well-educated people Uganda needs a lot of very good schools which arise from private initiatives and are successfully managed sustainably economically. Especially in the rural area around Mityana. Our Hand in Hand Community School is such a school where parents like to send their Junior to. It’s a Day and Boarding School with a Nursery School section in high quality. It’s a private Primary School with the Classes One to Seven and it also has three Baby Classes with mixed gender, boys and girls.

From today’s primary view the pupils of our school will have a good start into a bright future.

What is different from some other Primary Schools in Uganda.

Our Primary School is registered with the Ministry of Education and Sports(Primary School Mityana). Our Primary School has a UNEB Center Number(ID) and Sitting Center, therefore, Primary Leaving Examination can be conducted from our school and we are in position to host other schools to sit Final Exams from our school.

Our school has friendly, good qualified and modern Teachers and trained Staff. Because we are not in a city located, we have a good learning environment for our learners. there is a good secondary school near us for our Primary seven Leavers to join.

WOW… A conducive environment for Our Learners.
  1. Mordern shower rooms and safe water from an underground water tank.
  2. We have a big Sports Arena.
  3. We have a big playground with a play station in our Nursery School.
  4. We have Solar Energy for constant power supply for our Learners.

We have more Girls than Boys. The parents of our pupils are proud to know their children are here at our Primary School.

Our Primary School is More than Standard